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10:58 a.m. - 2019-08-16
King of Pain
So I see the spring showers blew you by earlier in the year. My apologies for missing the weather report; unfortunately, the news of late is too distressing, so I abstain more often than not. And honestly, I was unsure if the winds of change would make stops in this locale anymore.

I hope your furkids and your partner are well. I still think of ours and wonder what became of the shiny soul that I loved so. In my heart, she is with a new family somewhere, old, and fat, and happy.

We are hosts to four furballs currently, all in shades of black and grey. We had the greatest fortune to briefly parent an old Weimaraner, Gandalf....he has been gone for some years now, and is missed still. Occasionally, we foster other pups in his memory.

So many changes in Yankee land. Strange to think the houses are gone-gone. Well, not GONE-gone. But sold is a form of gone.

Sputnik's been circling for six years now; we added a few new satellites between then and now...Hubble and Cassini. Cassini started out double...Zuma was lost early.

I am sorry for your troubles. That can't be easy. Though I don't claim to know much, I know enough that words alone make a pathetic balm in too many situations, but you are welcome to mine if they help.

I am glad to hear that Mrs. is good to and for you. You deserve good things.

I'm doing this challenge on facebook; this person that calls herself fat mum slim posts daily prompts all year and you're supposed to post a photo that reflects that prompt. I've tried doing it off and on for a few years now and I never finish; this year, I'm posting songs instead, and I've managed to get further than I ever have previously. Yay, winning!

The prompt I'm posting for today is from a few days ago and is "a green food;" it reminded me of your love of creamed spinach, so today's song is for you.


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